A Fresh Start Receding Tide Towards Llandeilo Towards Whitbarrow Scar Windswept Blue Rising En Route For A Sunday Paper Precious Spray Mist Over Elterwater Out Of Season Deeper Pondlife Ripple Shimmer Ebb And Flow Diptych Surfacing Triptych Coco Flight Root The Garden Towards St. Catherines Without A City Wall 1 For Sorrow 2 For Joy 3 For A Girl 4 For A Boy 5 For Silver 6 For Gold 7 For A Secret Magpie Dotty Entwined Fred Jacob Magpie Rock Pool 2 Rock Pool Sleeping Solitude Top Knot Breaking Through Descent From Cat Bells From Orrest Head Harbouring Homeward Bound Lilies Looking For Shelter Touching The Clouds